SBH - Scheme for Micro & Small Enterprises

To provide financial assistance to Micro & Small Enterprises (Manufacturing & Services) to
✦ All new units
✦ Takeover, subject to satisfying takeover norms
✦ Existing units availing fresh Term Loans for Technology Up gradation/ Modernization/ Expansion

Nature of facility:
(i) Cash Credit
(ii) Term Loan

Quantum of loan:
Rs.1.00 Crore to Rs.5.00 Crore


12 to 84 months

Rate of Interest:
at Base Rate

SBH MSME Mortgage Loan

To build-up current assets and fixed assets needed for business purpose, capacity expansion, modernization, short term working capital (including shoring up of Net Working Capital) etc.

Type of Loan:
CC/OD/TL/DL/Drop line Overdraft facility.CC/OD will be running account facility. TL/Drop line OD will be repaid in maximum 96 months as per the scheme.DL will be repaid in maximum 36 months as per the scheme.

Nature of facility:
Fund Based

Loan Amount:
Minimum Rs.10.00 lacs & Maximum Rs.10.00 Crores

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