Srei Equipment Finance Ltd. (SEFL) has emerged as one the major equipment financiers in India. The company enjoys a Pan-India presence with offices in 89 locations. SEFL has an experienced management team having significant expertise in the financial services.


Equipment Loan
We are in the business of equipment financing with a wide spectrum of asset finance business which includes Construction & Mining equipment, IT Infra equipment, Healthcare equipment, Farm Equipment and Pre-owned Construction Equipment.

Leasing Solutions
We are also engaged into the business of providing equipment on lease as and when required by the customers. The various types of equipment given under lease include Earth Moving, Infrastructure Equipment, Windmills, Aircrafts, IT Equipment etc. We also provide ‘Rental’ and ‘Pay-per-Use’ solutions.

Wholesale Solutions
We also provide revolving lines of credit to dealers for procuring equipment inventory in structured arrangements with their original equipment manufacturers.


Construction and Mining Equipment
We finance the widest variety of construction and mining equipment like;
Earth Moving Equipment: Backhoe Loader, Excavator, Compressor, Tipper, Surface Miner, Loader, Drills, Dozers Material Handling Equipment: Fork Lifts, Crawler Cranes, Truck Cranes, Tower Cranes, Pick & Carry Cranes
Road Construction: Motor Grader, Mechanical and Sensor Paver, Compaction Equipment, Hydraulic Pilling Rig, Hot, Mix Plants, Milling Machines
Concrete Equipment: Concrete pumps, Placer Booms, Batching Plants, Transit Mixers
Material Processing Equipment: Crusher, Screens
..and various other application specific equipment and more.

Technology Solution
We finance a wide range of IT equipment, software and services (including storage and networking), in a cost effective and convenient manner. We provide finance for the purchase of hardware, software and office equipment including laptops, servers, scanners, printers and communication equipment (routers, network hubs and modems) to primarily cater to the needs of various institutional and corporate customers. Our global alliances give you the cutting edge in IT hardware and software.

Healthcare Equipment
For healthcare Equipment there is a range of tailored financial solutions. We have a highly skilled team with specific expertise in healthcare equipment to help improve productivity and profitability of our healthcare equipment customers. We finance standard healthcare equipment including CT Scanners, Colour Dopplers, Ultra Sonography machines, MRI machines, X - Ray machines etc. The finance options are backed with tie-ups with leading manufacturers.

Farm Equipment
We finance farm equipment like Tractors, Harvesters and Balers etc. for the agriculture sector and also equipment like chilling plants, cold storage and irrigation equipment etc. Our domestic and global manufacturer alliances help us provide innovative financial solutions.

Used Equipment
Used equipment finance allows both acquisition of used equipment as well as refinancing of lien-free equipment to help the customers manage their working capital requirement. We also facilitate trade-ins, exchange and financing of refurbished equipment in tie ups with dealers and manufacturers.